Multimedia, create Rich Internet Experiences...

By using a mixture of audio/visual movement that creates stimulus and interacts with user input in a highly visual way, multimedia interfaces offer a rich user experience that will always leaves it's mark.

Whether it's for brand re-enforcement, viral marketing campaigns, e-flyers, high profile product launches, touch screen/Interactive Demos, POS Presentations, Flash based games and competitions, Interactive Kiosk applications, Flash based Animations, full Video/Audio work inc
CD-Rom/DVD presentations and intros or interactive learning platforms or even to showcase music & art, Vitalspark can bring your ideas to life!

We specialise in multimedia and interactive interfaces that give a high visual impact by combining cutting edge advances such as digital sound and video with breathtaking graphics to produce interfaces that leave a lasting impression on the visitor.

With the advent of Broadband becoming increasingly a more popular way for both businesses and households to connect to the Internet, the use of multimedia interfaces and flash video format (FLV) to provide dynamic and interesting ways to engage and captivate the audience, proves to be an exciting one with endless possibilities.

Flash multimedia presentations are not just limited to the web however, they remain a very successful way of providing visitor interaction in museums, exhibitions, public information kiosks or point of sales locations, on CD Rom presentations or in a learning environment, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!