Content Management Solutions...

That's right! Free! All of our websites come bundled with our Connect Lite CMS giving you the power to add to and change your own web site content in a relaxed and easy to use environment. No fuss, no rocket science needed and no extra or re-occurring annual costs from us - just press the publish button and sit back and relax.

Whether you have a small brochure site or are the Administrator for a large company Extranet, managing your Website content is an important issue which is why we have built a suit of CMS solutions that fit your pocket and business needs perfectly.

For our Enterprise Level clients with larger sites requiring regular administration by multi-users, we have a comprehensive, cost effective, feature rich Extranet module snap on for our Website creation software - Connect™ allowing you to update public and internal channels rapidly.

Changes can be made direct to the site or to a staging platform for approval, giving you or designated editors the ability to add whole sections or individual articles on-the-fly, complete with automatically generated menu items, dynamic linking, date surfacing and individual page titles and search engine meta tags. Connect Extranet has the ability to create infinite user groups and also comes with a powerful messaging service that can send either email or SMS alerts to targeted user groups.

At Vitalspark we realise the need for companies to be able to update their own content without the ongoing expense of outsourcing or annual re-occurring charges. Our software puts you in control of your site content - it 'Connect's' you straight away to your on-line eBusiness presence without any fuss or ongoing expense!

This means that as your business grows, so can your business website. No need to come back for a new bigger site with all the additional costs involved, simply use Vitalspark Connect™ to manage the content and everything updates immediately. Sound good? It is!

Why not contact us for a demonstration or a chat to find out how Vitalspark can help you with a CMS that fits your pocket perfectly.